A lesson about tagging

Truth to be told.

Similar to Google aggregating links that were originally created for taking readers from one document to another, Del.icio.us can aggregate tags in order to find out how people value content. If 1,000 people save and tag the same bookmark, for example, that’s a good sign that they find value in it. But to think that people tag so that this information can be aggregated is to give people a trait of altruism they just don’t possess.

Truth said. Especially when it comes to Technorati Tags I could never really find a reason why to use them and the explanation in that article makes perfectly sense.

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I dunno, he’s too easy on this, imho. Technorati tags make little sense for the user herself, nevertheless many people do tag their posts. But you can also integrate Technorati tags into your blog cms’ tag system, so there would be personal value, then. The same goes for Flickr tags, imho. I have the impression that people use many more tags than they would do for personal reference only. ‘a trait of altruism they just don’t possess’ is hardly an argument to me. Taking this to the extreme, I might as well ask you why you’re blogging this. For personal benefit only? ;-)

What I’m trying to say is that I do see his point, I guess. And the differenciation between netwerk value and personal value makes perfect sense to me. I just don’t see how you could possibly have one without the other.

Comment by Moe — 5. May 2006 @ 11:01

You’re right, there is no network value without personal value and vice versa. But the insight that having to provide a personal value to gain network value (which is basically more a value for others than for your self) is a very bright insight.

Comment by smi — 5. May 2006 @ 11:46

(somehow my post didn’t appear, so again, as i had copied it to the clipboard anyway.)

i rarely use technorati tags, for the same reasons. however they do make sense, in two applications:
- integrated into the cms, as moe describes, so cero effort for the author, although as well very low value for them. only network effect.
- for rather specific tags, as a better way to be found, better in terms of better than google. example.

Comment by muesli — 9. May 2006 @ 21:30

In a recent dicussion about tagging I was also astonished that I was expected to tag for the greater good. I tag
a) for mere task-processing reasons (’2blog’ ’2read’ etc.)
b) so that I can quickly refer (others) to collections of links *I* found valuable
c) to maybe find the stuff again ;)

IF this action is valubale to others: fine. (up to now) I rarely ‘use’ the cotent tagged by others with the exeptions of toplists.

(Hey smi, will somebody from knallgrau be in HH wg. SinnerSchrader? I’ll be there and liveblog on soso.twoday.net ;) )

Comment by OliverG — 9. May 2006 @ 21:56


(Yes, Dieter will be there. Have fun!)

Comment by smi — 9. May 2006 @ 23:41

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